Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Cinderella Movie Review

Story: The popular fairy-tale gets a layered polishing with the newest Disney outing.

Review: Youa ll be happy to know that the adaptation of French author Charles Perraulta s oft rendered Cendrillon is done with depth. After the studioa s attempt to redefine the contours of preachy fairytales (with films like Maleficent), director Kenneth Branagh delivers quintessential comfort cinema with this flick.

Ita s a surprise that despite opulence being its selling point, the film doesna t shirk away from adding layers to the fable. Ita s tough to bring newness to a story this widely read but Branagh has smartly added nuances to his hoard of characters. The supporting cast is ruthlessly negated, despite visible promise. But this situation allows the film to remain invested in the myriad shades of its titular character, who is an epitome of empowerment in a very different sense of the term. She is pliant yet holds her ground without seeming priggish.

Over its runtime, youa ll inevitably stumble upon the moviea s finer elements. The scene, where the evil stepmother reveals her reasons for ill-treating Ella, is striking. Screenwriter Chris Weitz earns credit for being able to bring in perspective and highlight the stepmothera s loneliness and age as legitimate reasons to be envious of Ella, instead of conjuring up a plain black-and-white narrative.

The filma s simplicity is its boon. As passA© as the terms a kindnessa and a couragea sound in the real world, this movie ably catapults one to the era of quaintness, where faith could turn life around. Ita s an effort to reinstate hope that a magica still exists.

Technically, the film is spectacular. The grand ball scene is fabulously done and the CG is used correctly. Largely minimal on special effects, the visual marvel is exhibited in the fancy choice of locations. The scene where Ella meets the Prince is dreamy.

The film is vividly narrated and banks on the mettle of its story and acting. Lily James as  and Richard Madden as the Prince(Kit) deliver fresh performances with a pleasant chemistry.

Holding the trappings of its fairy tale source, Cinderella is a treat to watch.


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