Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Focus Movie Review

Story: Nicky (Smith) is a conman who goes about his work guided by a strict code of ethics and a set of rules. He keeps off the cop radar by preferring volume in numbers rather than single big a tricksa that can attract unwanted attention. He meets and trains the talented, but inexperienced Jess (Robbie), who is utterly impressed and somewhat besotted by him, in the art of thievery. She turns out to be way more talented than he could ever imagine.

Review: The secret to being a smooth operator who can swipe someonea s wristwatch from right under their noses, believes Nicky, is focus. Focus, and clever distraction. He leads a team of thieves who can collectively clean out a small city of its valuables.

When Nicky goes out to dinner one night, he is later on almost taken to the cleaners himself by the beautiful Jess, whose game he sees through.

What follows is a lot of clever banter between the two, much flicking of wallets, watches and valuables until Nicky realizes that this eager beaver might just be the partner in crime he always wanted a an equal or perhaps more.

But while there is honour among thieves, therea s no place for love in their dangerous game. Love, believes Nicky, can mess things up and lead to mistakes. He stops himself from further falling for her, but just when he thinks hea s in the clear again, Jess turns up in a completely different scenario and that too, when he least expects it.

It is chiefly the chemistry between the lead pair (like the scene where theya re at the Superbowl) that makes this movie quite enjoyable. Robbie oozes sex appeal, strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Smith mouths his lines with perfected panache and yet, his character doesn't just come across as some know-it-all. Garriga (Santoro) is convincing as an F1 tycoon and his assistant Owens (McRaney, of House of Cards) has his share of one-liners. Benefited by a witty script that keeps things playful,  is as slick a conman flick as any.


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