Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Insurgent Movie Review

Story: Tris (Woodley), Four (James) and her brother Caleb (Elgort) are on the run from Jeanine (Winslet). Jeanine sends out forces to capture every Divergent. Meanwhile, the Factionless are preparing to overthrow Jeanine and usher in a new era.

Review: Tris and Four have an odd dynamic. Tris is a hyper-emotional bleeding heart who either bursts into tears or snarls, while Four, true to Dauntless form, is the testosterone-raging, over-protective alpha male who literally keeps running after Tris when she gets upset, mouthing platitudes like a I know what youa re thinkinga and bashing up anyone who tries to mess with her. In other words, he is like her guard dog in human form.

We initially see them in the Amity faction, soaking in the hippie peace-and-love vibe where everyone smiles beatifically and eats organic. Tris bumps into Peter (Teller) at a food line and in no time, theya re at each othera s throats. Meanwhile back at her HQ, Jeanine has a box containing a secret message from the a foundersa that can only be unlocked by a Divergent. So, in order to unlock the box and otherwise (due to her general hatred for Divergents) she needs them all rounded up. Four splits up the group into two so Jeanine cana t find them that easily a Tris and him (obviously) and Caleb with Peter.

From Amity to Candor to Factionless territory (where Four meets his mum Evelyn, played by Watts), Tris and Four keep moving until the inevitable confrontation with mean Jeanine who barks orders like a machine.

Woodley has any one of three expressions in the movie a angry face, blank face or crying face. Her performance completely lacks in bite and the emotional scenes lack genuine sincerity. However Winslet both looks gorgeous and is completely on point while Watts, despite brief screen time, is convincing as the warrior-leader of the Factionless. Youa ll also wish that Whiplash star Miles Teller had more screen time. Yes, hea s that good. So, the only reasons to watch  are the very few decent performances and of course, the flashy special effects.


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